Hackathon 2023 Countdown

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What's all the fuzz
Politie Hackathon 2023

Let's collaborate and make an impact.

The main reason for our hackathon is to create jurisprudence.

Digital crime rates are increasing and we need the help of our public-private partners.


Who are our participants ?

Security companies
Private companies and clients
Software development companies
You can register for the hackathon. Once we have received all registrations we will make a selection based on skills, knowledge and cases that will be worked on.
Nothing! The hackathon is free of charge. We will provide food, drinks and fun, to make sure you have an unforgettable day! This is hosted by the Police Force the Hague and the Justice Department the Hague.
Yes! You can see our video's from previous years. This is hosted by the Police the Hague and co-hosted by the Justice Department the Hague.
No worries, we have taken appropriate measures like NDA's.
Cold cases

Cases you will be working on

High impact

Cases that have a high impact on society


Complex coding cases, like blockchain or bitcoin

High value

Cases that have an extremely high value


Other specific cases